Can I start at any time?
All of our classes have special beginners tuition. We teach the basic steps every week, so it doest matter when you start.

Do I need to bring a partner?
You can come on your own, or as a couple, or bring a friend. At Salsa Flex we provide a friendly atmosphere so you have fun learning.

What should I wear?
Try to wear comfortable shoes, but not high heels. Salsa is social event so just wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you can easily move in.

Will I feel out of place if I come on my own?
If you come on your own, you will not feel out of place because a lot of people come on their own. Your classes are designed to ensure you get to swap partners, so there’s always someone to dance with.

What is the age group?
We have people in their 20s right up to people in their 60s! Salsa is good fun, and a great way of keeping fit for all ages.